Thursday, May 05, 2011

The original bird communicator

[undated photo of my Grandmother Pearl]

She was gardening one spring day when she found a baby robin that had fallen out of its nest. She raised it and kept it alive until it was able to fly.

That was something us grandkids thought was pretty cool, but not out of the ordinary for someone like my Grandmother who could whistle to birds and mimic their calls so well, that they'd sing back to her.

Grandma could identify most any bird just by its bird song. We'd be doing something and I'd hear a bird. She'd look up briefly from her work and cock an ear and then say *Pine Warbler*.

Back to the baby Robin.

She named him/her Hubert.
Hubert was let go when he could fly, but Hubert always came to her the rest of that summer when she whistled for him.
It was amazing.
Neighbors would come and see the 'tame' Robin. Grandpa bragged about it.
Grandma was rather mum about her special talent.

That fall Hubert flew away with the rest of the Robins. I remember Grandma being a bit sad but explaining to us about how Robins migrated and after all, Hubert was really one of Nature's creatures.

Spring came, and I imagine Grandma couldn't wait for the Robins to come back. She anxiously awaited after the first ones showed up and would whistle for Hubert to no avail.

One fine Spring Day, she was attending her flower garden when a bird alighted upon her shoulder.
Hubert the Robin had returned and did so for 3 or 4 seasons.

As a child I don't think I appreciated how unique my Grandmother was.
She could talk to the birds.


mj said...

I just caught a glimpse of this post. How special, "what an amazing story", and in honor of mother's day! Thanks for sharing it, and have a good mother's day yourself.

Val said...

Thank you I will!