Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Fence Repairs

Without fail, it seems that there is one constant on our place.

Fence work.
It is never ending.
Fence for the Dexter Cattle have to be tailored for them. Hot wires must be put on the tops of all perimeter fences for the mules ~~ Badger shows a fine example of this.
He'll reach.
I've known other mules to simply jump over and graze, then jump back.
Badger is grazing from the summer meadow, into the winter meadow.
After hubby knocked down a young choke-cherry tree, I dragged it out for the ladies to enjoy. The red mule amongst the donkeys is Sundance.

After getting DEEP down into the woods, hubby and the Mystical Magical Skid Steer come back out.
I had my doubts, but heck ... he got it done!

Another day of work at the Mulewings Hideout...

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