Monday, December 10, 2007

Sleepy Monday

Today was just one of those days.

Last night I had turned in my Quizzes, assignments, and was looking forward to finals week. It is a heavy load yet to do this week.
Hubby looked at me this morning and said--You are confined to bed. [I hadn't slept well, only two hours at a time before the sore throat forced me into getting up to have hot tea].

So I called my boss and he made mention that he was worried about the billings. I croaked out to him that everything was up to date on Wednesday of last week. But I'd be happy to come in and share Strep with him. He said--no, no ...just get better.
I let it irritate me for no good reason. Here is the fella who is a slacker in the worst way and then has the nerve to make an issue of it. [It could have been my clogged thinking that made me take it that way]

Hubby left to take mom to her doctor's appointment -- I took a big old heavy towel and covered the window. I fired up the vaporizer, got a hot pack, and shut the world out.
I woke up at 4PM. I'd laid down at 9AM.

Rest. What a wonderful healer. I feel better this evening, good enough to even read my textbooks and look at my assignments for this coming week.
And finals!
I also got some throat spray to ease the pain and it is working wonders. Against my better judgement, I am going back to work tomorrow. I need the $, and it will only take me about 30 minutes to get caught up!

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  1. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Oh Val,I feel your misery. I'm so sorry. You are amazing to push yourself that way. I'm going back to work today. I'm bored and also need the $. Oil heating is so friggin' expensive and I economize as much as I dare. I sure wish I had the ability to install that wood stove. It's beyond my knowledge and has to be done right. Argh! Winter is the hardest time for me. Take care my friend and get more of that needed rest.


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