Thursday, December 13, 2007


I think tonight is another one of those...just get under the blankets and snuggle in deep.
The drive home this afternoon was 'interesting'.
The high winds were blowing piles of snow across the road. In one place I came on a rather sizeable drift of snow. I could see clearly on this stretch of flat open I held on tight and drove down t
he middle of the road through the drift.

Pow! The Cav hit it sending explosions of white snow blasting everywhere. To my surprise, we came through it nice and straight and stayed on the road. I patted the dashboard and thanked the powers that be. Our gravel road was a bit worse as it is not traveled much.

I hope the town plow comes through before I have to go to work tomorrow.

I'm still not over my 'crud' me-thinks. I came home last night and after supper went upstairs at 6:30 PM to take a short rest.
I woke up at 6AM.

Today I left work early as I felt so exhausted and wiped out.

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  1. Anonymous9:18 AM

    I'm glad you got some good rest. You're healing up but it doesn't seem to keep you down for long. Where is that Morris when he's needed to keep you home.


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