Sunday, December 02, 2007

December 1st comes in

December 1st came in like a monster, raging across the state with a winter storm warning. Snow pounded us Saturday morning and later changed to sleet...or should I say ice particles. It came down driven by a vengeance that only Mom Nature can have.
Our little house is located below the ridge where normally winds don't bother us much...but we were rattled by the winds and we could hear the ice hitting the house...rapid taps.
The sheriff's department asked people to stay at home and not travel. Our Emergency Management Team was called out [they did an excellent job in August!], so we hunkered down for 'a long winter's nap'.
It was even ugly enough that Morris who asked to go outside...once I opened the door...he looked at me and backed up! Bad when the dog thinks it is too awful to go out!

I did however get the Christmas tree put up. It is something I like to do...more about that in another post...

This morning found us with warmer weather. So Rich went out to do chores and begin to dig us out...when it started to rain! Immediately after that the temps dropped quickly. However, we endure the joys of bad weather after all we choose to live here!
I put on snow shoes and went up to the ridge top to check the mail. It was a nice walk and Morris went along to supervise.
When I got back we found that one of our hoses had frozen solid. We've learned to deal with this dilemma each year too. Drop the frozen hose into the shower and give it a hot bath. Then drain it and you are ready to water the big tanks for the equine [we added water heaters to them today also].
Just make sure it is drained properly afterwards.
The Joys of Wisconsin weather.

The temps have dropped drastically, the winds have picked up and we are toasty warm in the house after a long day outside cleaning up.
Yum, I smell the pot roast cooking...
shhhh...don't tell anyone that I can actually would ruin my reputation!


  1. Oh my! LOL, when I first read this I thought you said one of your HORSES had frozen solid, and I kept on reading and I was thinking, "Wow, she's being REALLY calm about this."

    Hee hee...maybe I should go back to bed.

    I can't wait to see your tree, and of course you know I want more snow pictures. :)

  2. You are about the only 'southerner' I know that is crazy about snow!!!


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