Thursday, January 04, 2007

Forever Friends

Forever Friends
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Today I sewed up Morris's toys that Teslin gave him. Red stuffed 'thing' got its tail ripped off. Said tail is now gone, but the hole is sewn shut. His little orange stuffed bone was dismantled this morning in a fury of growls [he protects us well from these glaringly obvious dangerous objects that litter my floor].
I restuffed and stuck a jingle bell in it for noise...and sewed it back up.

I've missed having Tes with walks. Morris misses her too, as he loves to eat her food. He is back on a diet and isn't liking it too well.

I wish people would have friendships like these dogs do. Open honest and no lying. Dogs don't lie to each other. When Tes is unhappy with Morris she simply gives him a low growl.
When Morris does not want to share, he takes his toy and runs into his crate.

Next life I am coming back as someone's very spoiled dog.

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