Monday, October 30, 2006

Time Changes and So on....;-)

Oh yeah make a post like that...of course I can just say that I was sick in the head???? LOL. But look at it this way, we were early to the auction yesterday. And boy oh boy did we have a pile of fun.
Sort of like a date day. I bought my honey hamburgers and he bought me a bareback pad--an oldy but goodie. Now I can throw it on Badger and take off for nice short rides in the winter and not mess with a saddle.
We saw so many friends on Sunday and made new ones of course. I was fascinated by two gents from Peru who trained Peruvian Pasos for a living here in the States. 'George' told me in very broken English that he and his cousin would like to come and see our mules. There was a very nasty 'Peruvian' mule at the auction and George rode it bareback for the owners.
We got stuck in an awful place with our truck and trailer, got out of it...and just had a great and fun day.
When we got home hubby asked me if I enjoyed my 'outing' with him. Sure nuf did!

Lately with school we haven't done much together, he has been busy getting things ready for winter and I have been busy working on classes.

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