Sunday, October 08, 2006

Memories of Fall

I love RED!
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I don't often reminisce about my childhood, but Fall brings out some special memories from then.

I can remember I had a Jr. High School Assignment. A leaf collection. We were supposed to gather fall foliage, press it in wax, and indicate the type of tree it came from.
I brought the assignment home. Mom saw it and embraced it with such enthusiasm that I was shocked. That autumn we went as a family to the Forest Preserve EACH weekend to 'gather' leaves. I can remember all of us walking the trails, mom with a tree book in hand. We'd stop and look for a leaf that we didn't have yet. We'd find it, identify it, and slide the precious leaf inside an encyclopedia book I carried to press it.

Each outing deserved a wonderful picnic and some tag football with my brother and sister--with dad watching. In my memory [now faded with time] it seems as if that fall lingered on forever with the 'Leaf Project'. It was a very happy time.

So today I walked in the woods, and looked up at the maples, red oak, white oak, poplar, ash, hickory...and thought back to that time.

I was so surprised to get my big black binder that I'd turned in with my A grade on it.
I took it home to show mom of course. Imagine her face when she read the teacher's notation under my grade.

Mrs. Rogers
A+ (well done)


  1. I don't remember doing the leaves, but I did have to collect rocks, display, and write notes about what kind of rocks they were. A friend of mine actually gave me a small piece of obsidian. I was prould of that collection. You asked the question, "why did I reformat my hard drive". I had caught a nasty virus on the computer and sometimes there's nothing that you can do with them except to reformat in hopes of erasing it. Well, the virus is gone, but my computer is still acting up, so I'm thinking that it may be a hardware problem instead.

  2. Thanks for the comment Liz! I had read about reformatting and think I could probably do it...but I'm no computer guru like you and Rachel!