Friday, December 16, 2005

Dreaming of a White Christmas!

Dreaming of a White Christmas!
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Well I don't have to dream about a white Christomas, we are going to have one!

My hubby though had a shocker last nite and it looks like he wants to make some changes. Our taxes jumped by $800 for this yr, gas prices are on the rise, I am laid up -- he has cancelled his surgery.

He said to me last nite that he wasn't getting any more hunting dogs--a huge shocker--that I could sell the S10--and that he was going to sell some animals even though he would take a beating on the prices of them.

I wonder if this is just a temporary shock, or is it leading to another stay in the hospital. He tends to get outraged and upset when things don't go 'just his way'.

He is treating me like an I have been inside playing with photoshop.

But I can't do this forever.

Also I am waiting on info from several schools.

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