Friday, August 26, 2005

Small Towns...

Well dang it, the weekend is here and where did the week go?

My yard looks like an unruly shag carpet...been thinking with gas prices...turn a mule or donkey out?

I went through the small village of Viola yesterday, if you recall they were one of the towns hit by the vicious tornadoes in WI last Thursday. I was humbled by the damage done to this village of 300. Nary a tree left. 150 yr old brick buildings cracked as if by an earth quake. The village main street had all buildings marked with blue X's where the Distaster Team had searched each building and turned off utilities then marked the building.

The residential district is a 'blue tarp' district which is glaringly evident by the fact that this area which was shaded by magnificent trees...well is now a treeless area.

And what struck me the most, is the smiles on the folks on the street as they lifted a hand to wave.
And yesterday I was reminded of why I love to live in a small town.


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