Sunday, April 03, 2005

Spring rituals

Spring rituals consist of putting gravel back on the driveway armed with a rake, shovel, and lots of arm power. Each year the driveway seems to get longer and longer. Or am I getting older and older?
Another ritual is de-worming our herd. 25 head of mules, donkeys, and horses. We did 15 head yesterday along with all of our black and tan coon hounds.
Why did it take 45 minutes to catch one mule in a 12 by 12 pen? I guess Willy, cover boy from 2 years ago decide to be a butt head.
Before hitting the sack last night I changed all of our clocks. Hubby went out with Babe, a flashy female black and tan...they hit the woods and played in the dark for an hour or so.
Me, I hit the sack hoping that today would be bright and sunny, and I'd go riding on my favorite mule, Badger.


  1. Hello. Sorry, but this one is the only way I've found to comunicate.
    I'm requesting permission to links to your pictures and web.
    My name is Gabriel and living in Ibi (Alicante) Spain.
    I'm collecting information about "Donkeys & Mules", and have found very interesting and beautiful pictures and texts in your sites. If you let me show your photos with links to your web site, it will be fantastic.
    Thanks you in advance.
    Gabriel Lazcorreta.

  2. Sure you may go ahead and post links. I see you have photos from other blogs that I follow.

  3. Hello Val.

    Here they are: Thanks you again for permission.

    I collect images and link them to their owners site, and generate others images linking
    to interesting or surprising pages; always with a touch of learning and enjoyment. Kids
    and seniors will love to check what is under each image (I hope...).
    Some examples here: (this one is a video in Spanish, that must be seen).

    Best regards,


  4. Donkeys and mules are awesome animals I am currently going to be teaching some young kids about mules!
    That will be exciting.