Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Getting Old?

I went to see the doctor today. I had this horrible pain that began in between my shoulder blades and ran around the front to my chest like a crushing band that made it hard to breath...
I knew the muscles had been strained, shoot, it isn't the first time I've done this. But dang, it is the first time that I have not healed up in a day or two, or that it has been so bad that I cannot lie on my back at night, cannot lay on my side, cannot sit...
The doctor said with an Irish lilt to her voice, 'We are getting on into our late 40's you know, and being a Weekend Warrior has its affects on us...we don't bounce back like we used to.'
I laughed~what me old?
Weekday Warrior more like.
Clearing brush, raking, stacking rocks, riding young mules bareback.
Getting old?
I left with a muscle relaxer [which cost one arm and one leg] and a vow to do strengthening exercises.
Old indeed.

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