Sunday, October 11, 2009

What I do.....

Sunrise through the review mirror....
Frost on the windows...

I work for a power plant called Genoa Power Plant, specifically the old section called LACBWR. I work for a combined area. I am part of the Security Force for the decommissioned Lacrosse Boiling Reactor. You can read about it here:
Wisconsin's Atomic Power Plant.
If you have time to peer at the article you may find it interesting.

I am a 'watchperson' soon to be an Armed Officer. Sounds boring, but I can assure you that it is anything but. I simply am a very 'customer service' oriented person who checks everyone into the plant and out of the plant during all and any shifts that I am scheduled to work.

Let me say this.
I love my job.
I think I do well...and the uniform is pretty cool too.

I can get a call in the middle of the night to be asked to come in.
I'll leap out of bed and throw together something to eat and run to work.
That is how much I like it.

Sometimes I get so see magnificent sunrises...or sunsets.

Sometimes I get enough free time to work with my mules and my favorite donkey Eddie and newby~~Siera.

Most of all, I have fun with my job.
For many years I tried to be such a stuffy office person. I worked in more
'fields' of service...more than I can count.

I only know this.

I am having fun.

I love to ride, train...but I also have a fondness for my job and my co-workers.
So I juggle.

Tonight, I played guard, housewife, farmwife, vet [donkey with an abcess], and trainer.
I worked a back to back shift with 5 hrs of sleep...then a 10 hr day and ...
had a blast.

This lifestyle suits me.
I must be crazy right?

Well perhaps not.
I love to work.

I love to ride.

I love to train.

You help me figure it out!

Tomorrow is another day....


mj said...

You forgot to throw in what a good photographer you must like that too!

I have only ridden a couple times, here on our property since Polly's procedure. It seems that there is always something wrong with somebody here in this family. The most recent has been my husband, Toma. He was hiking on his lunch break two weeks ago and had a severe muscle spasm, ended up in emergency and has been temporarily disabled physically. He's gradually getting back to normal, but in the meantime I've sorta had to pick up some of his chores. This is full on rifle elk/deer hunting season here now and I don't think that I'd want to ride in the woods at this time. Too many trigger-happy hunters. So, the mule and I are just mostly grooming buddies right now. :o(

grandma Jeanie said...

Your pictures are lovely. I enjoy them. My friends and I had a great ride this weekend.

crazy mule lady said...

If you love your job that's half the battle my mom always said. Sounds to me like you do. Continue to post the wonderful pics. Thanks Val.