Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Morris update...

Who would figure it?

Lyme's disease?

The early signs of Lyme disease in dogs are supposed to be loss of appetite, fever and lethargy. Lameness may occur at the same time or may occur later.

All of this happened at once ~~

Of course we thought he'd eaten a piece of equine hoof and got it stuck in his gut.
He has 3 weeks of doxycycline [antibiotics] to take and 3 days of Rocephin [which is a mega antibiotic used for treating Lyme Disease].

The vet said Morri's turn around should be remarkable.

I am breathlessly awaiting for that happy dog to come back around.

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mj said...

Okay, but will he be fully recovered after his treatment? Poor guy. I guess Lyme's disease is better than a gut rupture. Anyway, if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to hear what the vet says the prognosis is...and will he have to continue to take medication? Wow, I'm so glad that you found out what was ailing the little guy.