Thursday, October 29, 2009

A bit of Fun with Fungi!

This month has seen our area hit with incredible amounts of daily rain. Last week we had 4" of rain in 2 or 3 days.

Today we've had at least 1/2" or better of rain.
It makes for miserable weather for the farm animals. It makes bringing in the corn and soybeans impossible.

It makes yucky boot sucking mud everywhere else.

In the woods, it makes for beautiful creations and designs from Mother Nature as the fungi take advantage of the moisture.

Everywhere I went yesterday, I found fungi and mushrooms growing.
It was rather a delight.

I thought I knew the names of the fungi or mushrooms I saw and photographed, but as I've learned over the years, they are not easy to identify.

I'm pretty sure the middle one is commonly called the Turkey Fan Fungus, as it looks like a turkey tail.

A really fantastic site to visit and browse through fungi and mushrooms photos for identification is American
It is laid out so that even a novice can guess at which category to look into.


mj said...

You are so right, it's beautiful.

Val, I'm giving you a little heads up...Polly is not well. She has a bad infection and the vet is not hopeful. As a matter of fact we are digging the hole before the vet arrives. I'm totally devastated and probable won't be able to write about this for awhile. Somehow I thought that you might lend a sympathetic ear. I'll write more , but much later....

Val said...

Oh no...please use my personal email...val.ewing at

Is this infection related to the stone she had earlier?

Goodness, feel free to write