Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chicken and Rice...

15cc's of water at 10am and at noon, along with some cooked white rice mixed with baby food chicken peaked Morris's interest in both eating and drinking.

He is resting quietly now and seems content and not in pain.

His eyes were brighter and he wagged his tail.

He's on the rice and chicken diet for a few days [he seemed ravenous for it, yet ignored dry dog food].

He is gaining ground!

BTW~have you ever smelled that chicken baby food? Nasty!
Must be why Morris likes it!


mj said...

It is amazing to me that he developed the Lyme's disease symptoms all at once. Poor little guy. He's either one little tough pup and was trying to ignore some of them, or just a little bit unlucky. Eating that nasty chicken baby food is a good sign though. He'll be "back in the saddle" before you know it! Thanks for the update....

Val said...

MJ~according to the doc, this does happen. He may have shown signs earlier but we may have shrugged them off as 'over doing it' as Morris is prone to do.