Friday, October 16, 2009

Meet Fred

Fred with a first time rider [in the middle] ~~ after the ride.

Fred with my daughter in law on one of her first ever rides.
Meet Fred

He stands about 52 1/2 inches at the withers.
Aged: 24ish
Gelding/ John Mule
Blood Bay
Unknown Heritage

For his size, one might think that Fred wasn't a very impressive animal. In fact most people would immediately decide he was 'too small'.

Fred is dynamite in a small package. He can do it all. Ride, Drive, Coon Hunt, Coon Jump, Gymkhana, Pull Logs, Work Cattle, and Drag Deer or Pack.
He will pony bigger and younger mules with ease and determination.

He is also our company mule. When we get company who would like to ride~~
they ride Fred.
He is an original 4 wheel drive mule.

He is also directly responsible for my husband and I getting together and Fred attended our wedding.
He is my husband's original mule, he bought Fred when he was a 2 or 3 year old and has been riding him ever since.
When my husband rides him, Fred is on his toes, ready to rock and roll.

When I ride him, he is ready to get out and boogie, but to a slightly lesser degree, unless we are racing [yes I've arena raced him!].

When we have someone who hasn't a clue as to how to ride, they ride Fred. Fred steps as though he is on eggshells with these folks, and gives them a gentle and pleasurable introduction to riding.

With the Grandchildren he constantly moves to keep them on top...he seems to know these are precious little people.

I've even seen him just sigh as a novice rider put his bridle on backwards.

One of the nicest things about Fred?

He is SO easy 'on and off'.


Laura said...

He is very hansom and certainly doesn't look his age. How did you and your husband meet? Do you have any photos of him at your wedding? (sorry nosey!!!)

Val said...

Laura, I'll have to do that!

Nope you are not nosey at at...of course our meeting was mule~horse related and so was the wedding.

mj said...

My "first Horse" was a very smart, athletic, go anywhere, Welsh-Quarter Horse. He was just 13.2. He could out-run, out-walk and out-maneuver just about any bigger horse in Gymkhana events. I have never underestimated the little guys. Good things can and do come in small packages. Fred looks perfect to me! As a matter of fact, that getting on and off thing sounds just great! Thanks for sharing Fred with us.