Thursday, October 08, 2009

Of rain, running, and air~~

I have to blame my sister in law for this...

I hadn't intended to...
but she politely invited me to 'run' or jog, if you will, with her while I was visiting Virginia.

This morning I realized that my excuses I'd used before perhaps weren't valid.

[Midnight shifts, strange working hours, too see the pattern]

In fact after 4 days home, I missed our 'jogs'.
I thought, gosh, I could kill two birds with one stone.
I could put Morris on a leash and we could both get our daily exercise in.

This morning was overcast...

At first those legs of mine screamed 'stop! you are killing me!'
When I reached the tobacco shed, the legs said, 'okay, where to from here?'

On the way back home my body said, 'are you really going to run up that itty bitty hill?'
And we did.
Morris and me.

I was warm and alive all over.
Morris was happy.

I'm happy.

~~and it is all my sister in law's fault for showing me that I can do it.


mj said...

I envy you the running. I use to run for exercise and I can't say that I always loved it, but I never did find anything else that gave me the same feelings that I had while on a long run. During my running years (25 through my early 50s))I ate better, slept better and just felt better all over. Unfortunately my body will not tolerate the concussion any longer...too many back problems. I don't blame the running, it's genetics .. grrrr. Anyway, all's I can say is good for you and I hope that you stick to it!!!

Val said...

I used to run all the time MJ, until I became too competitive and started injuring myself. Then I had to leave the sport.

Now it is for pleasure and to keep some muscle tone. Fortunately I seem to be able to handle light running. We'll see how it continues through the winter...that is the real test!

Bad backs and bad knees do not do well with the concussion~~!