Friday, October 23, 2009

...and all is well tonight...

I promise this is one of the last updates on Morris the Magnificent for a while.

He is resting comfortably now catching up on all those lost doggy naps that he has been missing since last Saturday.
He has also regained his appetite and his bright eyes.

He bounded up the stairs this evening to ask to go 'out'.
[I was taking my nap before my midnight shift]

I spoke with Doctor Piper yesterday and he was very encouraging. He said that Morris would pull through with flying colors. [He was very good at making the human feel much better!]

He said not to be alarmed by the fact that Morris may want to do nothing but sleep for the next couple of days as he was probably exhausted and hadn't gotten much sleep.

Today we curled up on the couch together and watched a DVD. The rain sluiced down outside~~the cold wind whipping the last of the leaves off many trees.

By this evening, Morris wanted his regular dog food and while I was cooking he walked into the kitchen with a pull toy and dropped it at my feet. He gave a half hearted shake to it before heading back into the living room.
But it did make my heart happy.

Some gnarly ol' grouch of a hubby was pleased also.


mj said...

Such good news to hear. Give Morris a big hug for me.

mj said...

It's me again Val, Please take a look at my most recent post. I have given you an award. I hope that you don't mind these things...they are kind of a pain to accept! :o)
Hope Morris is still perking up!!

Val said...

I saw that MJ~ I'm working on it!