Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It is about patterns and textures

After the color has been driven away by hard frosts along with winds and rain, nature leaves us with a part of the year that is mostly colored in browns or variations of browns.

Those are the days it is hard to get excited over photography.

The brilliant skies are overcast...
There are no brightly colored wildflowers to make you pause in your step...

That is when I turn my attention to the details.

Like the forest floor, full of fallen leaves that have lost their colors.
Yet they are fascinating as they hold beautiful patterns~if you look closely.

The Field Corn stalks are yellowish brown, and not the pretty vibrant greens of summer.
Yet the corn leaf's veins have a pleasant pattern too~~if you really look for it.

Then there is the corn itself. As it dries, the kernels 'dent'.
The corn is a bright yellow contrasting against the worn out looking husk around it.

This part of 'fall' can be beautiful if you use a different 'eye'.

[Tomorrow~~the Fungi Hike!]


mj said...

The close-up of the corn leaves looks like a weaving, something hand-made. Why don't you try one of those ... "What is it"? posts where you take close-ups and have us all try to recognize just what it is. You have such a good eye for that kind of detail...very nice!

Val said...

Hey MJ~~thanks, that is a great idea...I think I will!