Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back in the Saddle~~~

Back in the Saddle Again...
The cold air on my face
The leaves falling gracefully around us as we walked down the damp deer trails.
Badger and I.

The woods are so much quieter this time of year. Most of the song birds have gone south by now.

It felt good,
It felt right.
It felt more than wonderful.
Somehow, I don't think that words can really explain~~

So I created this 'short' video of photos along with the music that was playing ...
in my mind...


mj said...

So very beautiful. I'm glad to see that Badger got his old riding partner back. Makes me really want to go riding!

Val said...

Badger is so close to my heart ~~ I swear he really did miss me.
Siera is standing at 'her' gate looking wistful also.

So many animals, so little time in the autumn..!

mj said...

Nice photo on your header. Very attentive mules.

Val said...


crazy mule lady said...

Yeah for you Val and for Badger too. Isn't it nice to be back. Let's you know how yucky it would be without them. Ride on cowgirl friend!!