Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Troubles with Morris

Most of you have heard stories and seen photos of my little Jack Russell who hikes with me, rides with me, and yes, even jogs with me.

True to his doggy nature, he 'got' into something he shouldn't have. It was partly our fault. Hubby had trimmed a mule and hadn't picked up the hoof trimmings.
Normally they give him a belly ache and he is fine by the morning after he 'does his morning duty'.

But he wasn't.

He seemed a bit better yesterday but spent most of the day laying around in the sun.

Last night I realized that he hasn't had anything at all to drink and I tried to convince him to take a drink of water. He hasn't touched his food either and is walking like an old man.

I picked him up and stuck him in bed with me and listened to him emit small groans all night as he shook.
A trip to the vet this morning is a must.
[All night I had horrible visions of him dying while I was holding him. Many tears shed silently, while feeling helpless about doing anything.]

One small problem, I have to go to work in an hour.
I'm going to try and get my hubby to take Morris in to the small animal vet in town ~~ Dr. Piper is wonderful and has a soft spot for Morris.

I am passionate about the animals I have. If one hurts, I hurt. Sometimes my hubby thinks I am too passionate about our animals.

My comical little buddy is one of the 'centers' of my life [my husband says I love my dog and mule more than him...!!! Not quite true, but close you know?]


Rachel said...

I'm so anxious to hear about Morris. Please email me whenever you have time, ok? Saying a prayer!

Val said...

you've got mail!

mj said...

Somehow I missed your post yesterday. It's probably a good thing because I would have had a sleepless night worrying about him with you! I'm anxious to hear how he is doing today! My thoughts are with your pup Morris!!!