Friday, November 14, 2008

Work and play

Well I'm done with training and started the 'real deal' on Wednesday night. I got called back to work on Thursday morning and worked yesterday's busy shift in ever changing weather.
I'm sure the picture above may imply that my job is terribly boring. I can guarantee that it is not.
I have reports to fill out on the night shifts and all sorts of busy work.
The day shift is chocked full of activity in comparison...tonight I work the midnight to 8AM shift. Things are fairly quiet on that shift except in the early morning when construction workers come in.
Yes, I like it.
Yesterday I covered a day shift ... it was my first day with so many things going on and I was tickled when one of my supervisors who does things 'by the book' seemed pleased at my 'catching on' quickly.

One of the things I need to do it get a collection of music for those nights I have to spend 2 hours at a time by myself at 'the gate'.

That's one of the things I need to make a list of and burn off onto CD.
While searching today I came across this old classic from Mason Williams, Classical Gas:

Well, while the sun is giving a peek at us, I'm going to put on my mud bogging boots and get outside for some fresh air.
Then take a good 'afternoon' nap and see what the 'late-early' shift is like.

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