Monday, November 17, 2008

Color my world today...

I just got home from a midnight to 8AM stretch.
I had a blast.
At 5 after midnight a 'bottom ash' truck driver came in.

He was a smarty pants and knew of course that I was a new kid on the block.
Me: *Name sir?*
Him: *Dick Tracey*
Me: *You look more like hmmm....*
Him: *John Wayne?*
Me [catching on now]: *I was going to say Batman...but I think ... Elmer Fudd!*

Him [Big HUGE Grin]: *Can't fool you huh? Jeff is the name and I give everyone grief!*

A note about Fly Ash and Bottom Ash and how it is recycled in a coal powered plant:

'A byproduct of coal pulverization is fly ash. Heavier
particles, bottom ash or slag, fall to the bottom of the
burning chamber and the lighter ash particles, fly ash,
remain suspended in the exhaust gases. These fly ash
particles are removed by the electrostatic
Dairyland has taken proactive measures to recycle
this ash residue. Nearly all of the bottom ash is
recycled and used to help build rural township roads.
The bottom ash acts as a strengthener for the road
base and is then covered with a paved surface such
as asphalt seal coat or concrete.
Likewise, nearly all of the fly ash is recycled for such
uses as an additive for cement and concrete blends.'

Anyway I had a fun 'day' at work, enjoyed meeting some folks I hadn't worked with yet and was pleasantly surprised at how everyone helped each other out.

When I left this morning my Captain asked how it was going. I gave him the thumbs up...cuz you really is going.

I watched the sun lighten the skies over the bluffs that oversee the Mississippi river. I enjoyed myself even while standing in the cold and checking in construction workers.

Now how crazy is that???

By the way, I'm making a trip to Cabelas tonight to get some more of those silk sock liners and some high tech long johns.

Oh I like staying toasty warm while at work.
Well it looks like it is time for me to take a nap so I can get on with my day.
These funky shifts put your biological clock out of whack.


Bronco Hollow said...

HeeHee Well at least it wasn't Elvis !

You know sometimes we find the most rewarding things in the most unexpected places. I don't think your crazy.... I think you've found a niche!


Val said...

Thanks, you are sweet to say that!