Sunday, November 16, 2008

I love my dog..

How cute is he?
Poor guy is so confused with my new work schedule...Friday night he panicked when I left at 11PM to go to work.
Hubby said he ran around the house barking and whining like a nut case. He thought Morris would come to his senses and go sleep on the couch like usual where I leave him my old sweatshirt to cuddle with.
Nope, he was not happy.

When I got home Saturday morning he was beside himself, wiggling, then taking off and running madly around the house.
One thing I CAN say about the little fellow...he is fantastically entertaining.

And he is a great 'napper'.
Around 10AM, I decided to go to bed to get my sleep from the shift I'd just done. I crawled under the covers, and shut the bedroom door to just a wee crack.
No sooner did my head hit the pillow...did I feel this warm furry body slide along my back. Then I heard a big sigh.

And both of us went to sleepy land.


  1. Morris has a face that tells wonderful stories!
    I'd let Tracker up on the bed with me, but he hogs up space and I can't move a 100# dead weight lab lol

  2. ;-)

    That is one more reason to love Morris he only hogs pillows and weighs about 12 lbs.