Saturday, November 01, 2008

Today's Thoughts...

November 1st.
Is it already November?

Daylight Savings Time ... Fall Behind.

Three weeks until the 9 day gun Deer Hunting Season begins.
Let's not Forget Thanksgiving!!!
Who in the heck put all those Christmas Decorations out already...HUH???
Like when did Christmas come before Thanksgiving???

What does this all mean?
Well~~~ winter is peeking around the corner.

It means that driving to work could get interesting like it was last year...
Wisconsin Driving

Gosh, I certainly HOPE not.

Today was a day of getting things 'winter' ready around the farm. Mending the 'winter' pasture fences and checking that the tank water heaters worked.
We put Eddie and Thor, our two weaned jack donkeys together.

We considered special arrangements for Cheyenne for this winter as she is pregnant. She has some age on her but nothing that should harm her. We decided to make sure she gets top treatment this winter so we can have a healthy mom and mule foal this spring.

Other than that, pretty boring as days go.
Tomorrow I will be in training for 8 hrs. Yes, I work a job that doesn't distinguish weekends from regular days.
Once I get some sort of schedule nailed down ... this after my Security License comes through and my special training is complete...
Well ... Hmmm.
I guess my schedule may be an ever changing one.

This is good too, as it will keep things *hopping* for me.

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