Monday, November 03, 2008

The day before elections of 2008

Rise and shine, the alarm goes off in the wee hours of the morning.
Jump in the shower and get squeaky clean while the coffee maker gurgles and spews fresh coffee.
Take inventory of the lunch items I've packed.
This is what Viroqua looks like in the wee hours of the morning.

I am interested in the election. Yet I really don't express my opinions much. Especially being a new kid on the block at fact I avoided talking about it, kept my mouth shut, and listened.

It was interesting to have a co-worker approach me and ask me who I was voting for.
I told him that I didn't discuss who I vote for with anyone, not even my spouse...that I felt it was my right to keep that information to myself.
I also said that as a norm I did not discuss politics and religion.

My co-worker then showed me something he'd printed off a public bulletin board that slammed Obama and a particular bill he'd voted on regarding hunting, the second amendment, and NRA.

I simply replied that anyone can write anything they want to on the internet, but had he, my co-worker, looked up the bill in question or the wording...or who voted on it and how they voted?
He said he had not.

I simply asked him to be an informed person and not depend on someone's written words that were not backed by evidence.
I didn't offer an opinion but asked the co-worker to do his own research on issues he was concerned on for both candidates.
We talked for a while and the co-worker and I had a nice lunch together.

Tomorrow morning I will join many others in casting my vote, exercising my American rights and anxiously await the results.
Yes I am pretty excited about it.
I think we'll be watching history in one form or another in the making.

And nope, I won't tell you, reader, who I voted for either.
But you have a wonderful day and go out and cast your vote.
Eagle sunset

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