Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thursday thoughts

Well I passed all my certifications and testing last night, so today I become an official 'watch person'.
I do like my job. The hours will take getting used to as my first scheduled shifts will be midnight to 8AM. But I knew that when hired.
Last night as I 'certified' on my patrol [which won't be a normal part of my job], my sergeant commented on my ability to be told something and retain information.
Most of my training was verbal and we could take notes, but had to leave them at work.
I told him that I found the training part really fun and challenging to learn a whole new language and new type of job.

The nice part of this job is that I can also have time being home and work with my mules. I also have a good chance for advancement further down the line.

On other thoughts...
I read the news stories today and things are looking pretty glum all over the place.
It looks like our President Elect has some serious work cut out for him. But also the American people have some tough times to face.

I recall my father telling about the hard times he went through during the depression and prohibition [his stories were always amusing and still bring a smile to my face today].
Mom taught me how to be frugal, and I've embraced that fairly well.

Hmmm, so why was I drooling over a catalog I recieved in the mail that had the newest ... latest... and greatest digital cameras???
Well; one can dream right?

I am full of dreams.

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Rachel said...

First, I LOVE this picture, and second, congrats on passing all your certifications. Please be safe out there though, friend. People get crazy, especially in these times.