Friday, November 14, 2008

Planning for our Christmas

I know it is early to talk about this...but I'm going to anyway.

Everyone seems fascinated with the events of today. No one of course is immune. People are afraid for their jobs.

The little mom and pop specialty stores on our Main Street who struggled before this economy are struggling harder now.

Will they make it the year?

I don't know.

People I've talked to are not spending money unless it is on something they need. Everyone is cutting back. Christmas may be more like Christmas was intended to be this year.

The gifts will be more heartfelt and not 'just unthoughtful spending' least in our family.

And why not?

Why not get back to a more meaningful Christmas, not a Christmas where everyone shops like mad to impress their family and friends.

What is wrong with jellies and jams, homemade breads, or little treats?
Or...Gosh, what about just getting the family together for a nice meal?
[NO reader, I have NOT forgotten Thanksgiving...but the stores are chock full of Christmas stuff already and it really aggravates me!]

That brings up the subject of Thanksgiving...well, I will address that in another post okay???

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