Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dad and Music

It was a dad thing. Dad loved music, but not rock n' roll, country, and other popular music. He loved classical, Hawaiian, Mexican, Slack String Guitar...
Well you get the drift.

Last night while 'on duty' I pulled out a CD from my backpack to take out to the guard house for some late night listening.
One of the other guards asked what kind of music I liked. I smiled and told him ... anything just about [except perhaps hard screaming rock and rap music].

Later on, with not much to do [my paperwork done], I watched out the window and listened to music and reflected on how I learned to appreciate more than just rock n' roll and country.

As a kid I can recall dad putting a record of Classical music on the turntable. One time ... he offered me his head phones and told me as I grimaced at the thought of 'boring' music, that I had to

*Close your eyes and see if you can find the story in the music*

I recall myself sitting cross legged on the polished wood floor of the living room, using both hands to hold up dad's heavy ear phones...eyes closed, conjuring up mythical creatures and horses [of course horses...every little girl imagines herself galloping away on a horse!].

It was then that I discovered that music could take you anywhere you wished to go and what a wonderful escape it was.

From then on, I never listened to music ... instrumental, quite the same again.

So you can listen... and you can imagine...


Rick Rosenshein said...

Great blog, photos and articles. Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work. Rick

Bronco Hollow said...

You sure brought back memories for me with my Dad and his music.