Saturday, November 08, 2008


Well it had to come up you know.
How are today's economics affecting you???

Well here are some of the things we've done to combat today's economics.
First, if we don't need it~~it isn't purchased.

New jeans? Well patch the old ones. Don't wear the 'good' ones unless you are going to town. Keep the patched ones for working on the farm.
Well for men's pants anywhere from $15 at Walmart to $30 for a pair of Wranglers.

Long this is a funny one. Hubby went to an estate sale a month or so ago and bought a box of goodies.
He paid $2 for this box that contained.
Long underwear not used...size XXL.
A heavy duty set if coveralls with a hood...perfect condition.
An insulated sweatshirt with a broken zipper.

My Frugal~nomics method???
Put new elastic in the long johns= .50 [cost for new pair?...$10...savings= $9.50]
Broken zipper? Okay this was hard, I've never done a zipper. $1.32 for the zipper + aggravation = $1.32 for a new thermal sweatshirt with hoodie.
Cost in the store new?
$32 at TSC.

If it can be fixed, it will be.

Cooking Frugal~nomics.
Hubby paid $24 for a deer hunting license. The first day of the special season we gained 80lbs of usable meat.

Well you do the math there.

I just got a job with a Security company.
Work clothes and winter gear= and investment of my part of $0.00.

Soup is great for cold weather.
Make a huge pot of soup, chili, or a meal that can give you leftovers...yeah everyone doesn't like leftovers.
But they come in handy as a lunch, an extra meal...and they extend the budget.

Reuse, recycle your clothes, and be ever watchful for buying groceries.


Yep, I'm the queen of that.

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Niki said...

This is exactly why I like you so much and know that if we were closer I'd do your zippers and you'd hand off your recipes. We're both made of stuff that can weather bad economic times. I actually get a thrill from recycling and repairing the usable.