Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So What is Thanksgiving??? Really?

There is a definition for it. It eludes is supposed to be about pilgrims and indians and such...but modern day has turned it into something else...

When my kids were little and Larry was on duty, we had the most exotic Thanksgiving dinners possible.
One year while we lived on Elder Court the kids wanted Hotdogs. And hotdogs is was. Yummy...we spread out a blanket and made it into a picnic.
So simple.
Me and the boys.

Thanksgiving means to me getting together and having a nice meal with immediate family. To me that was my kids, my hubby, and the dogs.
WHAT??? You say???
What kind of Thanksgiving is that???

Well it was...peaceful.
Not a lot of dishes.
...and everyone got to do pretty much as they wished. The kids would play [or fight occasionally], I'd go for a walk with the dogs, or we'd go out and play in the fresh air.

As a child my Thanksgivings were a mad crush of relatives all crowding into a house with tables and chairs scattered all over. Food fights with cousins were occasional entertainment until an adult stopped it.
One time my sister poured half a container of salt and pepper on her squash--she detested squash and hoped it would be declared un-edible.
Mom came into the 'kids' room and tried to make her eat it.

My sister led the barf brigade. We laughed. But her trick worked and she was never forced into squash again. [or was it my brother that did that??? my memory is fuzzy, but it was sure funny at the time]

Soon we graduated away from the BIG 12 hour drive to have a big family Thanksgiving. Things got a little more peaceful then.
It was just us ... our family, and of course the dogs.
We ate, we then did things all day that we felt like doing.

No squash barfing, no food tossing...
We spent the day goofing off, after helping with the cleanup of course.

Now as an adult I find myself being tossed back into the big family Thanksgiving again.
Okay, not a problem.
But I do think the kids ought to have their own room where they can have some good ol' fashioned food tossing. Perhaps even one of them will think to pull the salt and pepper trick on the yucky food they have been served.
Then the kids ought to dress up and head out to play ...

My aunts and uncles always shooed us kids out for fresh air. I think it was so they could talk adult talk while we were out of ear shot.
It was the playing with cousins that I liked best.

Well tomorrow is Thanksgiving.
Stay tuned to see what happens!

No squash barfing brigade.

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