Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just some more fun...

Kids books.
Well I always wanted to write one, so here is my chance at writing quite freely in the form I want and combining it with photography.
I can combine two of the things I really love into one project.
And I have NO fear of a rejection slip from the publisher because it is a self published book.

Right now I am using Blurb for my books. I'm pretty happy with it, except I'm looking to have some more variety with my page layouts.
I've read the BlurbForum and there are useful hints and helps to do a layout yourself in the form of a PDF file.
Yikes. That might be a bit technical for me.

Maybe one day I can grab theses individual little 'bed time' adventure books and put them in a larger book with chapters.
Let the fun begin...
It started with
Crazy Squirrel and Happy Hedgehog's Farm Adventure
has progressed to
The Big Woods...

These characters have already plotted their next adventure...

Another Crazy and H...
By Val Ewing

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