Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Once upon a time...again

Well I've been thinking about it since last year on July 13th when I traveled to Kenosha to watch my oldest son run a half marathon.
I recalled how fun it running was, but that I really wasn't a marathoner, nor was I a half marathoner.

My distance of favor was a 5k or 3.1 miles. The area I live in now doesn't really have the opportunities I had when I lived in the suburbs of Chicago for competition and distance racing.

But the other night I decided that I needed a goal. I needed to get my body back into better shape, especially my shoulders and my elbows.

Ed pictured here:

Ed had suggested that I come back in 2009 and do the 5k race. Of course he will be doing the half marathon. But he planted a seed of 'inspiration' in the back of my mind.

This little voice kept saying...'Why not?'
This other one kept saying...'You are silly!'
And I decided to challenge the doubting voice.

You will notice that the photo of me is from 1986...eeeeks.

But today I started out again. I took the first steps. I ran to the tobacco shed [1/4 of a mile?] and back home.
I didn't push it because first, I'd forgotten how to dress for running in the cold. I got TOO hot too quickly.
But the strides came naturally and it FELT really fine. Yes it did.

Morris liked it too, he ran with me.

So begins another journey back to the races.
Gosh, I'm even psyched.


  1. [Well dang it - I left a comment here I thought the other day!
    So - here goes again...]

    Get-er-done! Wishing the best for you! I think it is terrific!

  2. Anonymous9:21 AM

    You always look good but WOW! you're really stunning in this picture. Good for you.

  3. What's crazy is that we're the SAME AGE in those two pictures (ignoring fractions of a year, at least).
    And it's .75 miles from door to tobacco shed and back.