Sunday, November 09, 2008

When the weather gets yucky...

We go out to play.

Okay well I was outside yesterday when suddenly the urge to ride just took hold. I hollered to my muddy mule and asked if he'd like to go for a ride.

Badger trotted down through the mud and met me at the gate.
I ran my fingers over his back and brushed some mud off him. I really didn't have enough time to curry, brush, and saddle him up.
We had to go to my mother in law's for supper.

I put his bridle on and grabbed a 5 gallon bucket. The wind was cold and damp and bits of icey snow fell from the sky.
I put my hood up over my stocking cap and did a bucket mount.
I told my hubby that I was just going for a little jaunt in the woods and I'd be back in plenty of time to get ready for supper at Mom's.

Now it has been a long time since I've ridden bareback. I did it last winter when the snow was deep.
But I've never ridden Badger in the woods bareback, basically because the ground is so steep in areas, that I figured I'd slide right off his back if we climbed a steep ravine.
[Plus, I am so short, and Badger is SO tall! I would need to find a good stump if I got off him in the woods.]
I decided to have fun and brave it out anyway.
Yep, a little.

The world was overcast and the woods brown and gloomy.
But the air felt fresh and wonderful, and I felt very much alive.

Badger was feeling good too because he didn't dawdle like he normally does, instead he walked out and trotted on occasion.
We even loped through the valley.

I kept my eye on the time and headed through the woods, doing a bit of brush busting to get back in time as I'd promised.
That meant climbing some steep trails.
I was grateful that Badger was not sporting a summer haircut and that there was about 2" of mane for me to grab onto as we climbed in and out of steep ravines.

As I rode into the yard, the snow was coming down in a sleet-like form.
And of course I was grinning like some idiot.
The weather was horrible and yucky...
and I'd gone riding.

Just call me nuts.

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