Monday, July 22, 2019

Pride Rock? NO! Blackhawk Rock!

It had been a week of brutally hot weather and finally it had broken. I was so pleased.

Sunday loomed in front of me. I stood at Bridge M and watched the swallows light up the sunrise as they flitted about.

I decided then that I wasn't going to let this beautiful day with NO appointments go to waste.

I enjoyed the sunrise and headed home. I did laundry and hung out sheets while Rich slept. Swept the floors and picked up dog hair, tidied up the bathroom and then at 6:30 went for groceries.
When I got back....

I looked on FB and the Kickapoo Valley Reserve was asking for hikers to report back on certain trails. Well, well. I'd wanted to 'do' Blackhawk again in the summer and this seemed like a perfect excuse. I grabbed the large backpack and began to arrange it.
Hmm. What about Charlie? He'd been cooped up in the heat too. And I know he could do most of the 5+ miles of trail...but...did I want his distraction along? I decided that indeed I did.

When Rich woke up I told him that I was going hiking. He made a face. I pointed to this week's schedule where I was driving him to PT three times, to LaCrosse, to Onalaska, and to Madison. I finally said, "I deserve this."

And so.
My very willing little 'low rider' partner seemed rather happy to get out of the house too.
By the way, he no longer gets drooly, slobbery, or sick while riding. He just whines loudly every time I slow down as if to say..."Are we there yet?"

He waited patiently in the back of the 'Ru while I rearranged some items in my back pack and put the little IR camera in a pouch on my belt.

Indian Creek covered bridge:
Yes, I had the Infrared pocket camera

Kickapoo River in IR:

We took the long way and going through this meadow was nearly unbearably hot. I gave Charlie a lift for a good part of the way.

The meadow was full of beautiful wild flowers, insects, butterflies, and horrid Deer Flies. However we survived and got into the woods.

And we started climbing from the valley up the switchbacks.

Soon we were at the trail that led up to the rock.
It is easy to find and a section of it has a lot of growth on each side. I wasn't bothered by that at all.
I noted the poison ivy alongside the trail that was as tall as Charlie and was once again reminded why I hike in long pants and boots.

There is a group called Wisconsin Explorer that has done this trail and calls it difficult. I don't think it is, but then again I am used to difficult terrain.

We made it. To the top of Blackhawk Rock.

I grabbed the IR camera ... when I didn't mean to. But I caught the moment I think...when Charlie broke into the chant from the opening scene in The Lion King.

Okay. He didn't really. But it did come to mind.

The view is inspiring.

So we sat down and had some more water and doggy treats.

I knew the rest of the trail back towards where we'd started would be in deep woods.

Charlie DOES not like deer flies. Nope. After one bite he was climbing my legs to get a ride. I plucked a fern and stuck it in his harness to flap at the darned things. I carried a blown down branch of maple leaves to keep them off my head.

We made it out to the road and walked along County P.  There was a long stretch that had been covered by the Kickapoo River and it still had mud, gravel, and small branches on it.

People who are not from around here sorely underestimate how quickly the 'Poo rises in a torrential down pour.
We don't.

We live with the river and love/hate it.

Our adventure was a success.
Charlie did so well for such a little guy.

Taking him was a very good choice. I had someone to talk to.

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  1. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Great hike! I still miss my dog, they are great listeners. :)


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