Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Awesome Creek by Morris

Nobody rocks a brass bell like I do.
She decided I needed this so she could keep track of me at all times.

I guess the few times I sort of got lost in my head and the time I got lost in the Big Meadow sort of scared her.
This thing is loud enough for her to hear me just about anywhere.
I don't think it is that loud though. In fact, I think she is losing her voice. She says she isn't but she doesn't yell MORRIS icky icky! As loud as she used to.
She says I am losing my hearing. Harrumph.
I'd rather she get a smaller ding dong bell though. This one is heavy.

It has been a while since the two of us have gone off to look for adventure, and find deer droppings.
Well, she doesn't care for deer pellets, but I still do. One day her taste buds will awaken, I hope.

She said we were going to check fences and see how the black berry situation was.
I know better.

She wanted to walk around the creek and take pictures.

I must admit, I'm a pretty good assistant.

I do improve photos.

Maybe not in this one.

I believe she calls this ... Photo Bombing.
I call it, doing what I do best.

After all, this adorable face deserves to be photographed.

We did have fun together though. It was like old times. Even when I got very sneaky and stood very still in deeper water so my bell wouldn't ring.

She got to spend some time in her special quiet place. And I stood above her on the bank watching.

That is my special duty you know.

Soon enough she pulled out that thing that she does stuff on. Like talk, tell time, tell temperature, and weather. Smart Phone? It doesn't work in the Creek Bottom.
Anyway she mumbled something about the time and how we had to head home.

I may be a bit dingy in the head, but I do know home when she says it.

I turned and headed up the muddy bank. She put her camera away and scampered up on all fours.
I love it when I can show her how to do things.

I rang that bell all the way home. See, everyone thinks I am getting old. But can they keep up to me?

Mostly not. I'm still pretty fast.

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