Monday, March 14, 2016

More of the Silly Doe Story

Stinky, Val Barbie, and the Trolls have decided to look for Doe and bring her back so she can get help from the Toy Council.

After the emergency meeting at the Dynamite Box, the members of the council begin a search for Doe.  They are pretty worried as Doe is one toy they are sure that they need to watch over.

Val Barbie goes to the creek to search, but has no luck.  

Woods Troll asks Thelma the hound dog if she has seen Doe.  

Meanwhile Doe is hiding from her friends.
Maybe I should just live in a knothole in a tree!

Oh Doe, that is not so smart!
Wild animals live in the woods, and you should not be on your own.

Val Barbie fears that Doe may have been accosted by a Coyote.
She takes out her Tommy Gun.

The toys come back home, they cannot find Doe.  Stinky says he knows the forest best of all so he will go looking.
Stinky finds Skunk Cabbage but no sign of Doe.

At the creek Doe finds another Deer. 
They become immediate friends.
 Doe meets Dear in the creek near the little falls in the creek.  They become fast friends. 

Dear takes Doe out to eat and they talk.
Dear thinks Doe should go back and face her friends.
Hiding from them is not a good thing.

Doe isn't too sure she is ready to go back to her friends yet.  Dear says she will talk with the Toy Council on her behalf.
She tells Doe to go sit in her tree and wait until she gets back.

Will Doe wait?  Will she do what Dear advises her to do?
Oh DEAR!!!  Maybe you shouldn't leave Doe on her own in the woods!

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