Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Exploring with children

Finally!  We got a nice brilliant day that was not too cool and not too hot.  My young neighbor and her children voted to take a hike to the creek.

What is more attractive to kids than water?  I can hardly think of anything.
We all got dressed and headed out on a Big Adventure.

The water was incredibly amazing to the two year old Logan. He loved it.  Walking on the gravel bottom of the creek was a challenge and we discovered that we needed to help him out with a hand, did.

It is a little creek here with not much water flow, but it changes as one walks through the valley.  In places there are springs which add to it.  Other places are deeper and wider.  The creek is in a constant state of change which makes it all the more fascinating.

Carson found a water strider and caught it to show me.  I've seen them around forever and have never gotten a great shot of them walking on water.  Now, I not only knew the name of the insect but had an opportunity to photograph it even though it was in Carson's hands.

I can see that I am going to be learning quite a bit about insects with these children.  Apparently reptiles fascinate them too. Add that to my list of things to learn!

While we were looking at the water strider, Logan ran into the water and took a face plant.  The temperature of the creek at any given time is about 45 degrees so it is cold.
We stripped Logan and wrung out his sweat pants, socks, and got as much water off from him as possible.

As you can see, he recovered quickly and was not shy about getting back in the water.
The older kids kept running ahead and exploring the creek.  I am amazed every time I take a fresh pair of eyes to the valley as to what they see.

As for the rest of the adventure, lots of boots were emptied of water. 

The kids did get soaked over and over. 
We did find a reptile. Carson was quite excited at his find.
Allie found bones and started her own collection of them.

And I am pretty sure there will be more walks together in the woods for exploring things.

All in all it was a fine adventure.
The kids explored and were enthusiastic about everything they discovered.

I can say assuredly that it is much more fun to take children along on a hike than to always go by myself.
Mom was a super trooper too. She ended up having to carry Logan a fair distance.  I'm looking forward to our next 

I have to say the most fun conversation happened as we left the creek and headed up the ridge road towards our pasture.
Carson asked: "How old are you Val?"
Me. "I'm going to be 60 in June."
Carson: "Oh really? Because you seem like 90 to me."
Me: [slight pause] "Oh. It must be all the wrinkles on my face."
Carson: "No, it is because you know so much stuff!"

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