Thursday, March 20, 2014

No iphones, smart phone, to have fun

When I was 'the mom' of kids we didn't have internet, phones were still in houses on walls, and...
we even had a two seater outhouse.

But that wasn't because it was a century ago.
It was in the 80's.

Kids on the farm used imagination to have fun.
They were not staring at a large flat screen, or plugged into a device.

They also rarely got bored when they could invent cool and fun games.

Sometimes the 'whole' neighborhood would get together and then it was time for even more fun.

What has happened these days?

We have to let them explore their boundaries and themselves.  
Not get 'connected' with the internet and let TV rule their lives.

They need fresh air and sunshine...and yes, mud too.  

Let kids be kids and have adventures.

If they don't live in the country, let them play supervised at a playground...take time to invest in their well being and future.
Let them experience life.

Let them be kids.

I wrote this after talking with someone about how they 'can't get their kids' to do anything.  All they want to do is mess with their phones and text...or play games on an Xbox.



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  1. Whoops wrong on the kid ids, you youngest jumping...oldest on the left.