Monday, March 10, 2014

Morris and me ... and a little Saturday walk

The snow had a very odd texture to it and in places was 3 ft deep and in other spots, it was only ankle deep.

The texture was icy when we began our walk and became soft in the sunlit areas as we neared the end of our hike.

Even with snow shoes on in one area it was all I could do to just move forward.  Morris tried his best to walk on top of the snow but kept breaking through.
He is a determined dog, especially when he is near home.
Then he will blaze his own trail, even if it means that he is fighting to keep his head above the white stuff.

The photo above is our creek bed, water is flowing under the ice...under the snow.
I know the temps are supposed to be warm on Monday then back to winter, so the appearance will change again.

We didn't stay in the creek bottom but decided to walk to the back of our property.

We followed some deer trails and tracked more than one raccoon to a den tree.

The tracks were very cool in the snow.

Then we found an odd tree with several knurls in it...
I messed with the backround so you can see it better...see the face in it?

Creepy and funny isn't it?

After all this excitement, we slogged home through the softening snow...step by step.

When we got home, Morris took up his favorite spot on the old recliner where his 'blanket' is and instantly fell asleep.

Life is good when you can nap in the sunlight isn't it?

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  1. Oh Morris you never fail to make me smile, that last picture is precious!