Thursday, January 19, 2012

Puttin' up with no account Puppies~ by Morris

SHE thinks they are cute.
Sure, they look so pretty, cute, and harmless.

They are annoying.
They eat all the time and have to go out ALL the time.
Then SHE thinks it is my job to take them and entertain them outside in the snow.

I obliged.
And tried to get 'em lost in the stickery ickery berry briers and thorny bushes.

I was doing a pretty good job at it too, until...
SHE hollered at me to come back.

The little stinkers followed.
The one named Thelma went and stuck her nose up a tree where a squirrel had gone.

Oh. Well you might have thought she was Einstein or something the way SHE acted when SHE told HIM!

So after we came in the house to warm up, I snuck over to their big sleeping crate and lifted my leg on it.
Yeah, I was pretty sneaky.
I left some Morris 'stink' right on it.

I'm sorta ashamed as it backfired.
SHE knows that the pups didn't do it.
And I got

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