Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Wave

There is a certain protocall to waving when you reside in a rural area.

Furthermore~you will receive more waves IF you are driving a truck.
It matters not what make, model, or the size...but it needs to be a truck [tractors are even more 'wave' friendly].

You can give and receive waves while driving a sedan, but unless the other driver actually knows your vehicle very well, this is not as likely.
I've been driving in Vernon County, WI since 1996 and have studied this phenomenon.

There is the one finger wave which is Acknowledgment.
[you give or receive this basically to just give 'nod' to the other driver]

The two finger wave is a bit more Formal.
[you give or receive this probably with a smile and a nod]

The 'hand' wave is very Friendly.
[this one is more complex as you do not remove your whole hand from the steering wheel~but you are giving a nod, smile, ...and probably even know the other person. this is purely a back road howdy which can sometimes result in the two parties ~~ if both gave the hand wave ~~ stopping for a bit to chat and catch up on the local gossip]


  1. Absolutely love this post. It's very true, although I'll have to admit that I've never spent a lot of time thinking about it....;o))

  2. It's me again. A funny thing happened this afternoon. I had to pull down some old electric fence in our back pasture. After disconnecting it all I used our tractor to pull the long strand of wire from the back to the front pasture so that I could coil it up. As I sat on the tractor facing the road, several people drove by. I used your blog topic, and tested them. You are so right! Everyone that drove past...gave me a big wave. I really had to laugh, and wave back whether I knew them or not.