Sunday, June 28, 2009

Riding and shooting...cameras!

I cannot believe this month has flown by! It seems to have gone somewhere and I can't figure out exactly where!

Today we've had a wonderful break in the weather. The heat and humidity have lifted and we are to have good strong winds today to help dry things out.
Not a great day to ride, but perhaps Morris and I will go check out the wild berries and see how they are coming along.

We did get to ride at Wildcat Mountain State Park on Friday. It felt much cooler under the huge green canopy of trees.
I brought a different camera along for this ride and was able to get some decent photos, although that is very difficult in the lighting situation we were in.

Photography from 'mule' or horse is not hard, but does take some special considerations.

A point and shoot pocket camera really works well.
I used one and brought my FujiFinePix [older model with an auto zoom].

My old point and shoot, an Olympus Stylus 4 megapixel camera was what I always used to take. It really still does a fantastic job.
The Fuji was nice~~I was able to take an action shot of hubby 'ditchin' and use the zoom to do some other shots I otherwise wouldn't have been able to take.

I don't think I'd take the Fuji if I was riding a young animal as it is cumbersome and hangs around my neck.
The newer pocket cameras have a faster 'capture' speed which is nice for shooting action shots.

Lastly I guess ~~ is a no brainer. If you need to take a really beautiful shot of someone from the back of your animal.
Your animal MUST know how to stand still.
[HillBillyFarmGirl writes about standing still in her blog artless horsemanship...such an important skill to teach your equine!]

[Badger hears the camera turn on and actually stops!]

You can use any camera and use the general setting and get good photos.

A steady hand and an eye for beautiful or odd things makes the trip more memorable.

A last word about cameras and photography. My father used to tell me that it did NOT matter how expensive the camera was or who had the better camera.
It wasn't the camera taking the shot, it was the person behind the camera.

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