Friday, September 27, 2013

The Weekend ~ by Morris

So Grumpy Gus also known as HIM has gone on a trip to someplace called Misery.  No, SHE says Missouri.

I don't care it is past the driveway and I can sleep with HER if I want to.

We have big plans for the weekend.  SHE promises to take me for a hike/ride with Siera the mule that lets me ride in the saddle.

We were going to have a campfire tomorrow night but there might be some rain ... SHE says we can cuddle on the couch and watch some movies.

Better if the movies were about Dogs and Cats don't you think?  I like Hero dog movies myself.
I did not like Where the Red Fern Grows at all.  I hid my head.

SHE says she is going away next week to a place called Virginia with her mom to visit her brother.  Huh, I wonder if they are litter mates or what.  I don't know my mom and haven't seen or thought about her since I came to live with HER.

Do you know how many years that has been?
9 yrs!
Here is me at 6 weeks old on my first hike:
Yeah yeah...I've gotten awful grey in the face since haven't I?  This was taken September 18, 2004...

According to some website SHE looked up, I should be 56 years old.  So that means I have a LOT of adventuring to do yet right?

One of my favorite passtimes is holding down the couch.

I hope we get out on some adventures soon.  SHE is working some night hours so is pretty grumpy during the day.

SHE really needs to learn how to chill out like can learn a lot from your dog you know.

Have a nice weekend.

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  1. Oh Morris. You're the bestest. She is lucky to have you. :)