Friday, September 13, 2013

The Natural Playground

I happen to be very lucky that my neighbor needed someone yesterday on very short notice to 'play' with the kids.
I jumped at the chance.

We decided to take a hike down the hill road and when we got there, the kids decided that they'd like to go rock climbing.

I was a bit hesitant because the area I like to go in ... is a huge dry run.  This means that over many years, this is the path that flash flood waters take when heading towards low ground.
It is filled with tumbled boulders, roots, rocks, branches, and slippery surfaces.

I soon discovered that these kids were naturals.  They climbed, hiked ... and watched out for each other.
Yes, I did a lot of helping.

But what an adventure we had.

It was incredible to be able to share my 'secret' spots with the kids.  The spots that I like to go to with Morris sometimes just to sit and relax deep in a ravine surrounded by rocks.

I wish that all kids could have outdoor experiences.  We should toss the TV's aside, go outdoors and play, make discoveries, and challenge ourselves and the children.

Not for one second in 2 hours did the kids complain or say 'I'm bored.'
They were showing the rocky dry run to me with new 'children's' eyes.

We all found some cool rocks to bring home and as we headed back [1/2 mile] we discussed about the next time we could go out and hike again.

Soon we hoped.

Nature is the best playground ever. 


Lori Skoog said...

So true!

The Three Muleteers said...

Couldn't agree more! My favourite games and toys when young were all outdoors and involved mud, twigs, leaves and creatures. So nice to see kids still like these things!