Thursday, September 26, 2013

So Pretty, Mule Riding.

There are many arguements for not solo riding, and I understand them.
You could have a spook and an accident and who would be there to help you?

But when there is no one to go with and you have the itch to ride, ... well you go.

I saddled up Fred and took him on the easy trails in the neighbor's land.  I needed to get out and ride so even though Siera and Opal came up, I chose Fred.  He is Mr. Steady Eddie.

Hubby is on his way to visit friends in Missouri so I couldn't resist taking off on a diversion.
Our fall colors are going to be pretty dull this year.
As you can see on the trail in front of Fred, so many leaves have already come off.

This was about the most color that I found today, but still very worth the time riding.
Besides, Fred did all the hard work of hiking.

We spooked up two very large does that bounded off through the forest.  Fred saw them way before I did and so we were not alarmed.

Today I put a bell on his breast collar so that we would alert deer and not come right up on them.
Besides, it makes a nice jingly noise!

I however did leave a message with the neighor as to where I was going and called when I returned.

So I am being careful.

Tomorrow, I think Opal or Siera would like to go.  If I take Siera, Morris can come with.  He is getting on in age and likes to take a ride in the saddle with me.  Siera will do that, Opal likes Morris's company but I don't believe she'd allow him on the saddle with me.

It is so quiet here in our little valley, the robins and most of the other migrating birds are gone.  Today I heard chickadees and some Flickers along with a bluejay...the crickets are singing softly.
Autumn has arrived.

And it is a gorgeous time of the year.

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Lori Skoog said...

The weather was the same here today and should continue a little bit longer. Smart, to let your neighbor know what you were doing by yourself. You are taking good advantage with some mighty sweet critters.