Thursday, September 12, 2013

Does this Saddle make me look...


Is it pretty on me?
Does it match my bay coloring?

It doesn't clash does it?

Do I need to have an accent to wear an English Saddle?

Do I need Tea & Biscuits with my hay?

Oh my...
Look at this field of corn!

Nope, nothing scary to 'eat' me in here!

SHE says so!

Oh the neighbor's dog growled at me and I just stared at growly dog until the owners took it back to their house.
SHE told the people that most mules won't bother dogs unless the dog bothers the mule.  Then said mule may just reach out and 'touch' offending dog with a quick hoof-whack.

I'm not sure people should just let their dogs run loose on the roads, you know?

What a pretty sunset with my ears in the way!

We watched the sun go down and I paraded around in my very English saddle and showed her that neck reining is no big deal and that she can mount me from the either side and I will not move.

I even climbed a huge dirt pile and then carefully came down off from it.  

The sun went down and I got to graze in the yard.  Nice yummy fresh grass.

I can't wait for our next adventure.
SHE said something about trying bareback riding?
Wonder what that is?

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The Three Muleteers said...

That pic of ears is wonderful :-)! That saddle sure looks pretty. Can you ask Val how it stays on and if it slips at all? We find English saddles slip all the time and we can't get on with them, how do you guys cope?