Saturday, September 14, 2013

Moonlite Ride

Hubby had some 'to do's' for me after supper.

I'd already saddled up Siera in Badger's English Wintec Saddle and she was standing quietly.

So I let her be while I helped string new fencing.  Finally the fencing near the house will be in the same area as it was before the horrid, wicked storm of August 2007.

Siera stood still never brayed or even pawed at the ground.

When I got to her it was dusk.  I mounted up and we headed up the driveway.
She was on a 'mission' as my husband would say.
She was struttin' her stuff and pacing out fast.

It was a welcome change from her trying to turn around and come back down the driveway.

We strutted right along into the twilight.  
Along the way we stopped so I could check her girth.
I was using a different setup for reins and dropped them.

Siera stepped away from me and when I said, "HO!"  She turned and walked straight to me.
Lots of praise and petting.

Off we went through the hay fields and the road.  The neighbor's cattle were startled by us and we stopped so they could give us a good once over.

The moonlight was silver and I could see our shadow on the ground as we traveled along.

The air was crisp and cool ... I told Siera that fall was not far off.  She twitched an ear towards me as I spoke to her but her concentration was on what was in front of her.
She was on the move and gaiting out.

It was completely dark when we did get home.  That is...except for the moonlight...half I can't wait for the full moon! 

This was my second ride on her with the Wintec English Saddle.  She seemed very comfortable with it.  It felt good to ride in it.  

When I led Siera into the pasture and took off her halter, she stood close to me for a very long time.  She didn't run off or walk away.

A perfect end to a perfect moonlit ride.


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