Tuesday, September 03, 2013

So MUCH Fun!

I know my husband was just beaming when the grand kids arrived.
So much he wanted to do!

Here is a little collage of the first two days that the children visited.
Notice the smile on his face.

The children bring a smile on his face and a lift to his spirits that no medication or anything else in the world can do.

The easiest way to wrap this up is to put together a collage [via iPiccy] for you to see how busy two of the days were.
4 Wheeler rides, chores, business around the farm, road trip, learning to shoot a BB gun....

Labor Day picnic with Grandma Lenise.  Fresh sweet corn from a gracious friend.

S'mores over our little hot dog fire [we roasted wienies and marshmallows!]
Mule petting, running with Morris.
Well the list was endless.

Today we may have a 'kid' parade with Fred the Mule.  Fishing is on the plate for later today.

Family time is priceless.


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Looks wonderful especially to see everyone smiling together :-)